What Can an Xray Tell You About Your Bones?

View of a child xray film, taken to examine the lungs

An xray of your bones is an essential diagnostic tool if you have been in an accident in El Paso and sustained an injury. If you are undergoing certain types of treatment or if you have a disease that affects the bones, an xray can be an invaluable tool to help doctors check the progress of your disease. Sun City Emergency Room is well equipped with onsite xrays so you can get a correct diagnosis and the proper treatment for your emergency.

What Does an XRay Tell You About Your Bones?

Xrays are typically done after a trauma is experienced or for certain diagnostic inquiries. An xray can be a useful diagnostic tool if you have pain or swelling and a doctor wants to determine if you have arthritis, bone cancer, an infection, or osteoporosis. If you are feeling pain after a fall, car accident, or any other incident which caused an impact, you need to know if your bones are broken. In order to see your bones, an xray has to be done to show whether there is a fracture.

Why is it Important to Treat a Broken Bone Right Away?doctor examining the xray of a patient

If you do not address a broken bone properly and get it casted so it can heal right, it could heal improperly. This could cause you to experience ongoing pain and mobility problems. In some cases, if you wait too long and a broken bone isn’t diagnosed right away, it could actually have to be re-broken to be set so it can heal properly. No one wants that to happen.

Fast and Efficient Xray Results

One of the best places to get an xray is at a freestanding emergency room like Sun City Emergency Room. If you have sustained trauma, going to an urgent care center may not be the best choice because they may not have anyone equipped to do an xray or other diagnostic imaging services. Going to a traditional ER attached to a hospital may also not be a good option because you could face higher costs or longer waits. A freestanding ER is the answer and Sun City Emergency Room in El Paso is ready to help you. Contact us today!

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