Urgent Care

Young woman with leg in plaster. Talking to a doctor

Urgent Care Treatment – Much More Effective than Dirt

“Rub Some Dirt on It” Urgent care facilities are plentiful and readily available to the public. Still, many people choose not to take advantage of these professional medical clinics. One common reason that people decide not to utilize the urgent care resource is because they do not want to appear weak. This ideology is prevalent […]

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Emergency word on tablet screen with medical equipment on background

When do Symptoms Become an Emergency?

Do your symptoms require immediate urgent care or not? You need to know when symptoms become an emergency and when they can be handled on your own at home. If you are experiencing serious medical problems, don’t take a chance of having a life-threatening illness or injury go undiagnosed. Your body is telling you something […]

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Unhappy young woman calling to emergency for man

Handling Your Emergencies Around the Clock

Emergencies don’t always happen at convenient times. So having access to 24 hour urgent care is necessary to get a prompt diagnosis and fast treatment. If you or your kids are sick or get hurt, where can you go for help outside of normal business hours?  Sun City Emergency Room is a free-standing ER that […]

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