Urgent Care Vs ER

Urgent Care Vs Emergency Room

Choosing the right emergency center when you have an urgent medical condition can be difficult. You need to make sure that you will receive the care you expect from qualified professionals. Typically, the choice comes down to going to a hospital emergency room or an urgent care clinic. However, now you have a better alternative – our freestanding ER. Knowing what each one has to offer can make your decision much easier. As a result, knowing the best place equipped to treat your emergency makes the choice easier.

Main Differences to Consider During an Emergency

Urgent care clinics are not usually equipped to handle all emergency conditions. Most of the time, they are only capable of handling minor emergencies. In addition, urgent cares cannot guarantee that you will be seen by a physician. In contrast, a traditional hospital emergency room can mean long waits and hidden charges in very expensive bills. Typically, emergency room physicians do not have the time to sit and truly address all of your symptoms.

Why Our 24 Hour Emergency Room is Better

At Sun City Emergency Room, know that board certified emergency physicians and nurses will always be there to handle your treatment. We can handle any emergency, from concussions to broken bones and major traumas. Our qualified staff and diagnostic capabilities set us apart as the best choice for you and your family’s emergencies. Contact Sun City Emergency Room today to learn more.