Urgent Care Treatment – Much More Effective than Dirt

Young woman with leg in plaster. Talking to a doctor“Rub Some Dirt on It”

Urgent care facilities are plentiful and readily available to the public. Still, many people choose not to take advantage of these professional medical clinics. One common reason that people decide not to utilize the urgent care resource is because they do not want to appear weak. This ideology is prevalent in American culture, and most Americans are taught to view illness as a weakness from the time we are quite young.

For example, when a child falls down and gets a bruise or a scratch, parents sometimes lovingly quip, “It’s okay honey! Just rub some dirt on it!”. This is not a literal expression, of course, and anyone who thinks that rubbing dirt on an open wound is a good idea might benefit from taking a trip back to middle school health class. Even if it is not literal, however, the expression “Rub some dirt on it” promotes an “I’m tough” mentality that often follows us into our adult years. This has both positive and negative outcomes. Positively, maintaining a tough mentality helps us to face minor health set backs with strength and determination so that we can accomplish our goals. Rather than letting a little headache prevent us from doing well at our work presentation, we push through it with confidence. Instead of quitting our 5k race because of a minor cold, we choose to finish well. On the other hand, however, a tough mentality can also blind us to major health issues by convincing us that we do not need to be concerned or seek help in treating our physical ailments.

The Consequences of Avoiding Medical Care

In some unfortunate cases, avoiding professional medical care can lead to terrible illnesses, prolonged injuries, and severe medical issues that would have been easily preventable. Accordingly, it is very unwise to ignore physical symptoms that are consistent or abnormal. What may seem like a simple case of abdominal pain could actually be a symptom of appendicitis or a pending heart attack. What may seem like a minor sprain may actually be a broken bone that needs to be reset to heal correctly. Urgent care units are equipped with educated medical professionals and technological units to address and evaluate every ailment – from the minor to the major to the unclear.

Personalized Urgent Care at Sun City >Emergency Room

Sun City Emergency Room, with two locations in El Paso, is an exceptional provider of urgent care services. The facilities are equipped with private waiting rooms, the staff is kind and professional, and the medical professionals are committed to treating each individual with intentional care and concern. While being tough is commendable in some cases, it is just plain silly to risk your health. Urgent care treatment is much more effective than dirt, and Sun City Emergency Room is ready to prove it to you! Contact us for more information!

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