The Differences Between an Urgent Care and the ER

Urgent care at Sun City Emergency Room in El PasoMany people in El Paso who need medical care are uncertain of where to go. It can be easy to become confused about the differences between urgent care centers and freestanding emergency rooms. The confusion is understandable, but the differences are profound.  An urgent care center provides care for people who can’t get in to see a doctor, but the care it provides may be more limited than what Sun City Emergency Room offers. A freestanding ER like Sun City Emergency Room, on the other hand, offers all the emergency services a traditional ER does without the hospital hassle. We provide comprehensive medical care to people in El Paso who are having a medical emergency, and can do more for patients than an urgent care center can.

Differences Between Urgent Care and a Freestanding ER

Texas law is very strict regarding what can constitute a freestanding ER. Our freestanding emergency room is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including holidays. We have a full staff of board certified emergency doctors and nurses ready to help you with emergencies ranging from abdominal pain to stitches.

Sun City Emergency Room provides a new level of emergency care. Our concierge medical services are here to provide El Paso with a superior emergency room experience that has it all. Our on site services include a laboratory, diagnostic imaging suite, pharmacy and more. This enable us to offer minimal to no wait times for being seen and minimal wait times for lab and imaging results.

Getting Urgent Care

If you are sick or you get hurt, visiting our freestanding ER is always going to be a better choice than an urgent care. Not only will you experience minimal wait times, but you will always be seen by a real, board certified physician who will always provide the best treatment option. Trust the provider who can do more for any emergency situation. Contact Sun City Emergency Room today to learn more.

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