When do Symptoms Become an Emergency?

Emergency word on tablet screen with medical equipment typically found in an urgent careDo your symptoms require immediate urgent care or not? You need to know when symptoms become an emergency and when they can be handled on your own at home. If you are experiencing serious medical problems, don’t take a chance of having a life-threatening illness or injury go undiagnosed. Your body is telling you something is wrong when you begin suffering medical symptoms. Visit Sun City Emergency Room in El Paso to get an accurate diagnosis.

When to Seek Urgent Care

You need to visit our freestanding emergency room if you or your child has a high fever. Generally, this is a fever of at least 104 degrees. However, a young infant under six weeks old with a fever of 101 or higher is a serious emergency. You need to get immediate medical care.  You should also see a doctor if you have severe abdominal pain, as this could be a sign of appendicitis or a bowel obstruction. Chestlittle boy in green and blue striped shirt with a head injury getting a bandage while facing the camera pain is often an emergency situation, especially if it is accompanied by tingling in the arm. This could be a sign of a heart attack.  If you are confused and disoriented after a head injury, seek immediate urgent care. Head injuries can result in brain bleeds and other serious complications.

Seeking Urgent Care from a Freestanding ER

These are just a few of many examples of situations when you should visit a free standing emergency room to get accurate diagnostic care. Sun City Emergency Room in El Paso can provide you with the comprehensive treatment that you need. Our services are the same ones you find in hospital ERs. You will be seen by a doctor every time. We offer no wait, as well as onsite diagnostic imaging and lab for fast diagnosis and test results. We even have a pharmacy so you don’t have to stop anywhere on the way home. Contact Sun City Emergency Room today to learn more.


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