little girl with thermometer who needs pediatric urgent care

When Does a Child’s Fever Become Dangerous?

  Should you seek pediatric urgent care if your child has a fever? Many parents panic when their child’s temperature spikes, which can be dangerous and even life threatening.  A lot depends upon how high your child’s temperature is and whether your son or daughter is showing any other symptoms which could suggest a serious […]

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The Differences Between an Urgent Care and the ER

Many people in El Paso who need medical care are uncertain of where to go. It can be easy to become confused about the differences between urgent care centers and freestanding emergency rooms. The confusion is understandable, but the differences are profound.  An urgent care center provides care for people who can’t get in to […]

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What Does My Stomach Pain Mean?

Abdominal pain has lots of different causes, some of which are minor and others of which may require emergency medical care. If you are having stomach pain, the only way to really know what is causing your pain is to get a comprehensive exam and a diagnosis from a board certified emergency physician. Visiting Sun […]

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