Handling Your Emergencies Around the Clock

Unhappy young woman calling to find out where to find 24 hour urgent care for the young man's emergency symptomsEmergencies don’t always happen at convenient times. So having access to 24 hour urgent care is necessary to get a prompt diagnosis and fast treatment. If you or your kids are sick or get hurt, where can you go for help outside of normal business hours?  Sun City Emergency Room is a free-standing ER that will offer you the highest quality medical care at any time, day or night.

Options for 24 Hour Urgent Care

When you are sick or injured and need help right away, you have a few choices. Unfortunately, a traditional hospital often comes with long waits and high costs. Typically, urgent care centers are another popular option.  However, urgent care centers aren’t equipped with all of the diagnostic tools that standard emergency rooms have. As a result, many conditions that require more sophisticated diagnostic tools are sent to a more capable facility. In view of these inconveniences, El Paso now has a better choice.

Our ER is Fully Equipped to Deal with Any Emergency

The best choice is to visiting a freestanding emergency room like Sun City Emergency Room. Freestanding emergency rooms aren’t hospitals- they are ERs without the hospital attached. You’ll get the comprehensive medical assistance you need without the hassle of going to a hospital ER. Our emergency room is fully equipped with diagnostic imaging capabilities, onsite lab, and more.

Handling Your Emergencies 24 Hours a DayMedical instruments for ENT doctor on pale blue

If you need a freestanding ER in the El Paso area, Sun City Emergency Room provides 24 hour urgent care.  Texas regulations require that freestanding ERs are open 24-hours a day, have CT scanners and ultrasound labs, have a doctor on duty at all times, and meet many other requirements. As a result, we are able to ensure patients can get the 24 hour urgent care they need when they need it. Sun City Emergency Room has all of this and more. Contact us for more information today!

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