Facts to Know About 24 Hour Urgent Care



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If you are in need of medical help and want to be an informed consumer, it is important to know about 24 hour urgent care. Arming yourself with information can help you to make the best choice for your family’s care. For example, there are many different things to consider when you are looking for emergency medical services. Urgent care centers are not the ideal choice in these situations for many reasons, including hours, services provided, and care limitations. Many patients in El Paso find that this choice leads them to Sun City Emergency Room. We are a freestanding ER where you can expect the same medical care you would find in a hospital ER. The difference is we offer no wait times and quick efficient treatment that won’t last all day.

Key Facts About 24 Hour Urgent Care

As of 2015, there were around 6,400 urgent care centers in the United States. Around 75 percent of all urgent care centers are located in the suburbs. Urban areas have around 15 percent of urgent care clinics, while only 10 percent of them are in rural areas. Approximately half of all the urgent care centers in the U.S. are in freestanding buildings. The remaining 50 percent are located within retail establishments. Just 85 percent of urgent care facilities stay open seven days a week. In addition, 95 percent of traditional urgent care centers are closed after 7:00 PM.

An Urgent Care Center and Our ER Aren’t The Same

While there are a lot of options for urgent care, there are key differences between that type of clinic and our ER. Urgent care centers are not open 24 hours. In addition, their staff and diagnostic tools are usually much more limited than what a traditional ER offers. A freestanding emergency room, on the other hand, is subject to strict rules to ensure a quality level of care. For example, Sun City Emergency Room offers onsite diagnostic imaging and labs. While some urgent care clinics offer blood testing and X-rays, that’s where their capabilities usually stop. In contrast, our ER offers more high tech imaging, such as CT scans and ultrasounds. Our onsite lab also performs more of a variety of clinical tests in order to provide you with a more accurate diagnosis.

Getting 24 Hour Urgent Care

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Sun City Emergency Room is one of the most trusted providers in El Paso for 24 hour urgent care. We guarantee no wait so you don’t have to spend your entire day getting the care you need during an emergency. Visit us to get the benefits of a typical hospital ER without the hassle. Contact us today to learn more about the services we offer.
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