These Illnesses are Sending Americans to the Emergency Room

person with abdominal pain at a an emergency room with a physicianThere are a lot of reasons why people visit the emergency room. However, the top four reasons why people go to the ER are the same across the US. Recently, The Atlantic explained the most common ailments sending people to the ER across the country. Sun City Emergency Room in El Paso can help you with each of these conditions and symptoms. We have board certified physicians on staff, as well as certified ER nurses and a friendly staff that are ready to help.

The Four Conditions Sending Americans to the Emergency Room

According to The Atlantic, the four most common complaints which send Americans to the ER are:

  • abdominal pain
  • respiratory infections
  • sprains and strains
  • superficial injuries

In each of the different regions of the US, these complaints were the most common reasons people went to the ER. However, each condition was listed in a different order throughout each region. In the South, sprains and strains were the top reason for ER visits. The western US complained mostly about abdominal pain. In the Northeast, it was superficial injury. Finally,  in the North Central areas of the country, it was respiratory infections. If you are dealing with any of these common ailments, a visit to a freestanding emergency room like Sun City Emergency Room can allow you to get care without the long wait at a hospital ER.

Why Are These Conditions Sending People to the Emergency Room?

These conditions commonly result in ER visits because they can be frightening and possibly serious. Additionally, these conditions often need immediate treatment. For example, if you have abdominal pain, you may be concerned about appendicitis. This pain can also indicate ulcers, the stomach flu, and other conditions that can have serious complications if not treated. If you are suffering from respiratory distress, there is a risk of passing out due to an inability to breathe. If you suffer from a chronic respiratory condition like asthma, immediate medical attention prevents serious respiratory episodes. Sprains and strains could cause concerns about further damage. Lastly, superficial injuries might not stop bleeding and can carry the risk of infection if not treated. Whether you think your condition constitutes as an emergency or not, getting medical care is the best way to prevent consequences.

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